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FAQ Library published on July 24, 2017
Dr. Larson discusses new insights into the pathophysiology and epigenetics of therapy-related leukemia, and how this knowledge will translate to improved insights into de novo leukemia and MDS.
FAQ Library published on June 12, 2017
Join Dr. Ellen Ritchie as she explains the clinical implications of molecular testing in MDS, such as chromosomal abnormalities and percentage of blasts in the bone marrow biopsy.
FAQ Library published on May 22, 2017
Dr. Ritchie explains the impact of immunotherapy on hematologic malignancies and what the exciting trials in this area could mean for the future in treating patients with MDS.
FAQ Library published on May 15, 2017
Dr. Ritchie describes determining how to manage therapy and supportive care in patients experiencing grade 1 through 3 lenalidomide-induced rash.
FAQ Library published on April 28, 2017
Dr. Ellen Ritchie will discuss factors to consider when selecting therapy for an older patient with high-risk MDS, such as supportive care and comorbid illnesses.
FAQ Library published on February 15, 2017
Join Dr. Komrokji as he discusses the most practical way to risk-stratify patients with MDS, including the IPSS-R and gene mutations.
FAQ Library published on January 31, 2017
Join Dr. Rami Komrokji as he discusses the most common challenges in the diagnosis of MDS, including cytopenias, flow cytometry, and molecular data.
FAQ Library published on November 9, 2016
Join Dr. David Steensma as he explains how age affects survival outcomes in patients with MDS.
FAQ Library published on October 13, 2016
Join Dr. David Steensma as he discusses the impact of age and frailty when considering hematopoietic stem cell transplant in MDS patients.
FAQ Library published on September 15, 2016
Join Dr. Garcia-Manero as he explains whether or not a patient with low-risk MDS can develop into a patient with high-risk disease even though their treatment seems to be working.
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