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FAQ Library published on February 14, 2018
Dr. Garcia-Manero provides updates on the study of ASTX727 - oral decitabine with a cytidine deaminase inhibitor - as an alternative to traditional IV decitabine.
FAQ Library published on January 31, 2018
Dr. Nazha explains how genomic biomarkers may be used to predict response to HMAs, including use of a modern "recommender system" algorithm used by companies like Amazon and Netflix.
FAQ Library published on January 12, 2018
Dr. Garcia-Manero provides a concise summary of clinical trials and forthcoming data in 2018 that have the potential to change the way we treat MDS.
FAQ Library published on December 28, 2017
Learn how hematopathologists can interpret gene mutations to distinguish subtypes of CMML on the basis of white blood count. Walk through a smear from a CMML patient to note the diagnostic features.
FAQ Library published on December 26, 2017
Dr. Nazha discusses the design, implementation, and effectiveness of a new personalized prediction model to risk-stratify patients with MDS.
FAQ Library published on December 26, 2017
Dr. Khoury details what hematopathologists need to know in order to properly review specimens and samples, and how to arrive at an accurate diagnosis using the 2017 revised WHO classification for MDS.
FAQ Library published on November 13, 2017
In this activity, Dr. Bejar discusses patients with familiar history of MDS or AML and whether genetic testing can identify the mutations that increased their risk of progressing to MDS to begin with.
FAQ Library published on October 31, 2017
Dr. Goldberg discusses when it is appropriate to stop a patient's demethylating agent, taking into consideration age and IPSS-R risk group.
FAQ Library published on September 28, 2017
In this activity, Dr. Bejar will discuss a scenario where a patient with unexplained cytopenias is suspected of having MDS, but has a non-diagnostic bone marrow biopsy and a normal karyotype.
FAQ Library published on August 14, 2017
Dr. Larson discusses the challenges associated with treating secondary MDS, and the therapeutic strategies that have demonstrated efficacy in these patients.
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